Why buying property in Mallorca is a good idea

Almost anywhere in Mallorca to choose from, both villas and apartment complexes are provided. And one more, very important fact – Mallorca is developing as a resort and resident direction is not the first decade, the infrastructure has already been created, debugged and that in principle – working all year round. Not surprisingly, the idea of buying property in Mallorca finds an increasing number of supporters, and demand is constantly growing. In it finds a solution to several problems at once: buying property for yourself, for the summer, and perhaps all year round rest of the family. 

In terms of investment prospects – this is a very sensible step, even the international financial crisis in Mallorca, he almost did not touch, as a very popular, but strictly limited area with extensive areas of prohibition on construction. The desire to rent out purchased property in Mallorca will face seasonal restrictions much less than on the mainland coast, and the institute of management companies here is well developed.

Mallorca’s health-friendly climate provides its residents with the longest life expectancy of all Spaniards. The healing effects of the air in Mallorca are attributed to a few extra years of Chopin’s life, who is ill with consumption, and who stayed in Mallorca for several months during the winter season. In Mallorca, the composer felt much better and wrote with delight: “…. The sky is turquoise, the sea is blue, and the mountains are emerald… and the sun shines all day… In a word, life here is marvelous.”

Buying property in Mallorca means not only making a good investment, but also taking a conscious step to improve the quality of your life and that of your loved ones. Traditionally, the greatest demand among buyers is the southwestern, “beach” and the most touristy part of Mallorca. However, connoisseurs of seclusion, magnificent scenery, authentic atmosphere and the neighborhood of a select society increasingly turn their views on the mountainous regions of Mallorca – its western or northern part. Here Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Schumacher and Claudia Schiffer have chosen the place for their second home.

British investors prefer the northeast coast, where there are large open spaces on the beach, loved by surfers, and closed bays with beautiful sandy beaches and excellent infrastructure. Property buyers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria are more likely to choose the east coast of Mallorca, where the infrastructure is adjusted to the German-speaking public.

Mallorca real estate prices are slightly higher than those on the mainland Mediterranean coast of Spain. The cost of apartments with one bedroom starts from 100 thousand euros, the price of individual villas in Mallorca – from 280 thousand euros. In Mallorca as well as in the whole of Spain, even for non-residents can buy property with a mortgage loan. Conditions for granting the loan varies depending on the object, situation and financial situation of the buyer, but most often you can count on 50% of the value of the property and the rate of about 4.5% per annum. The Spanish authorities are loyal to the origin of the funds to buy the property. The specialists on site will provide you with full assistance in selecting a bank and arranging a loan to buy if necessary.

In the catalogue of properties on https://yes-mallorca-property.com/offers/sale/ you will find a large selection of apartments, villas, plots and commercial properties in Mallorca of different values, metreage, location. However, not all properties for sale at the moment are presented in the database.