Strategy for getting cheap Instagram followers

Buying subscribers is inexpensive, and somewhere they offer completely cheap Instagram subscribers. For example, you can use the reliable service https://poprey.com/instagram_followers. However, many users would probably like to gain followers without investing at all. We will tell you about free ways to increase your audience.

  1. Daily posting. If you put up a new post every day, your reach will grow and so will your subscribers. The effectiveness increases due to hashtags. It is worth putting thematic tags, and surely 1-3 accounts will subscribe. Of course, this audience may not be interested in you. Many subscribe in order to promote their own accounts. But at the initial stage every subscriber is worth its weight in gold, because their number plays a significant role.
  2. Commenting. SMM-specialists recommend writing comments to 20 different users daily. They assure that this will help to attract subscribers. But there is one remark: comments should be meaningful and detailed, and not one-syllable. So a set of emoticons won’t work.
  3. Liking. Another way of manual promotion. When you place the likes on new, unsubscribed users, so you draw attention to yourself. Someone will like you and someone will respond by liking you.
  4. Tip: Go to the accounts where your target audience might be, open up the subscribers section and start liking those users. This way you have a better chance of getting a response, because they are already interested in your topic since they are subscribed to the corresponding account.
  5. Exchange services. These are the same sites for finding new subscribers, only there you can do it without investment. It only takes your time. Users register on the site and earn internal currency by performing tasks. Having collected the required amount of currency, they buy subscribers for it.

Now you know how to increase followers in Instagram and where to start. Alas, all of the above ways are done manually and will take a lot of time. But the truth is that if you need to gain followers without investing, you will have to really invest time and effort. Users who managed to get their first 1,000 subscribers in a month tell us that they spent at least 5 hours a day working on Instagram. So have patience and full speed ahead!

How much does it cost to get a subscriber on Instagram

There is official advertising and advertising from bloggers. How much will it cost to promote in these ways?

  • Official advertising. There is no exact price per click or display. Users specify how much they are ready to spend on advertising and set up targeting according to the desired criteria. In general, the cost can range from one to several hundred dollars per day.
  • Advertising from bloggers. The cost depends on the number of subscribers, the quality of the audience, the theme of the account, the format of advertising, etc. But in general among the bloggers there is a tacit agreement on prices, with which you can get acquainted by writing to one of them.

Now the most profitable to buy ads from microbloggers – users with an audience of up to 200000 subscribers. Seeking subscribers from them is ten times cheaper, and the audience is ten times more active. For example, bloggers with a million subscribers the price of an advertising post can be very high, but if you use the services of a less popular blogger, the price will be affordable. So by ordering ads on an account with a quality audience, you can invest a little and attract targeted subscribers. If you don’t know: can you buy instagram followers or not, it’s actually very easy to do. You need to find a reliable site and use its services.